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Conrad, I would appreciate it if you could arrive with reinforcements soon.

Gunter, Wolfram, you two are in charge of finding Heika.

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I've just been informed that the small company I sent out to defend the villages near the boarder has come under attack. I had hoped it wouldn't come to this but I need everyone ready to leave within the hour if possible.

Wolfram, you will position your troops around the castle and remain here to command them.

Conrad, you will also remain at the castle until Heika returns. Once he is safe and back in the castle you will join me at the front.

Geika, it would be helpful if you could tell us just when and where Heika will reappear.

None of this will be negotiated.


Too easy.
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Yozak, I need you in my office sometime tomorrow morning.

Everyone else, I need to see you after lunch. This is important so I need you all to attend.


After today, all I should need to do is wait.

This is too easy.

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Wolfram, now that you've decided to grace us with your presence I want to see you as soon as your injuries are healed. We have work to do. No excuses.

As for whatever has happened with Shinou-heika.. No one is allowed to burn any major structures. For any reason.
very hurt

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You. Stay away from me.

Heika, I promise that I will go through with my punishment; However, I will have to do it a different week.

Unless I ask to speak with you or you're bringing alcohol to my room, I don't want to be bothered.


I knew what he was doing. I knew it, so why is it bothering me so much? I knew I was just a substitution for Heika. I just wish I hadn't convinced myself otherwise.

...Why does it feel like my stomach is stuck in my throat?


Huber, I need to speak with you. I'll be in my room.
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Gisela, please prepare the infirmary for about forty or so people. Villagers and soldiers alike. If necessary, feel free to take over rooms in the castle as you see fit. And no, I will not be stopping by the infirmary until after you have seen to my men and the civilians. This is not under discussion.

The last of the Loralt invaders have been removed from our border. It seems that they had come under the impression that since our king is against violence and does not wish for his subjects to engage in it, they could make their way into our country and do as they wished. I had found it necessary to show them the error in their logic.

Despite the fact that they killed several villagers whose ages ranged from twenty((note: around 6 or so)) to three hundred((note: around 80 or so)), I did not have my forces pursue them once they began to retreat. However, after losing exactly five of my men while trying to remove them by non-lethal means I came to the decision to put the fear of Shinou back into them. On average, it only took six enemy deaths in each occupied village to make them begin their retreat. I believe that my men only participated in a total of eight of those deaths.

I have directly gone against Heika's wishes and forced my men to do the same with my commands. I will accept whatever punishment he decides.

Everyone, please return to the castle at your leisure. I doubt we will have another invasion on that border for some time.

I would appreciate it if everyone would only come to my office if it is a matter of great importance for the first few hours after I arrive at the castle. I have letters of condolence to write.
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(( Letter to Conrad))

Since you're currently at Shinou temple I would very much appriciate it if you found a way to return that child to his parents. Ask Shinou for permission if you have to.

Also, it would probably be best if you had one of your men take the child home.

If the Maou asks, this was an order.

- Gwendal von Voltaire

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I have been informed that our border has come under attack by Loralt. I will not wait for Heika's return before taking action.

My orders are as follows and I expect everyone to obey.

Geika, I am leaving Blood Pledge Castle under your command. Wolfram, you will stay here with Geika.

Conrad, you will report to Shinou Temple immediately. Once Ulrike has informed you of Heika's arrival, you will retrieve him and bring him back to Blood Pledge.

Yozak, you will go to our nearest port and escort Mother and Anissina back to the castle if they arrive. Loralt lacks a navy, but there is no telling where Mother will wander off to once she disembarks. It should be safe for Yukito to go with you.

Huber, you will assist Wolfram in commanding the remaining castle guards if necessary.

I will be taking my troops to the border immediately. Please prepare to leave within the next few hours.
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